Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Self Hosted Media Servers

I tend to meet a lot of tech guys who do tech guy things in their spare time. And I'm not saying I don't - I have plenty of little pet projects I like to screw around with. But to an extent and most of these things I will actually get some kind of us from.

OK spending six hours trying to build a robot to hatch Pokemon Go eggs for me might of been a little much but you get what I mean.

I know tech guys (yes, plural) who spend time and money to setup home servers and for no real reason. I spend enough time at work dealing with servers I don't really want to do it again afterwards but I do if I think there's a point. Most of these servers are "media" servers but the output is connected to a computer anyway making the server just a waste of time, power and extra latency on the internal network.

Or they setup "download" servers so they can leave them running which I would understand if it was 10 years ago and we were all still on dial up dealing with getting disconnected every hour.

It gets better when these servers start causing problems on the network. Over complicated firewall setups for home networks have caused so many problems on a friends system we've given up suggesting he just turns it off. He thinks it's cool. He'll also waste a few hours a week dealing with pointless tech problems which he just creates for himself.

By all means have a home server. Just have a point in doing so.

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